Mary-Claire has written for Spike Magazine, a journal of books, music, art and culture, interviewing literary award winners as well as fresh talent. Read her articles here:



Her short stories have won the Momaya Press Competition and been published in the Momaya Annual Review. Her tales have been staged at Soho Theatre, as part of the Momaya annual awards ceremony. Her writing has also been published in Cooldog E-zine. ReadWave.com has selected her work as Story of the Week. She currently edits the Six Word Story section at ReadWave. The charity WorldReader, established to give people in the world’s poorest places access to fiction, has included her short story, One Shot, in its library app.

As well as her reviews for the popular YouTube channel ErasedCulture, her posts regularly appear on the website of Flowers Gallery, Dalston. The talented artist Kevin Sinnott, subject of the BBC documentary Running Away with the Hairdresser and author of a compelling survey of contemporary art entitled Behind the Canvas, invited her to write the catalogue essay for his exhibition at the Martin Tinney Gallery. Read it here:



Currently she writes for Garageland Magazine (http://www.garagelandmagazine.blogspot.co.uk). In her spare time, she enjoys online shopping and drinking margaritas, preferably at the same time.

Follow her on Twitter @bitesizedmary

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